Peer researcher’s experiences (Tunis and Cape Town will be uploaded later)

Female peer researcher Abuja:

I really appreciate this organisation because it has changed my life. Somehow. Because I now have my own machine my own sewing machine with the money I earned from women transport. I used it to buy my sewing machine. As I’m still learning but I’m so so grateful. But at least that has really changed my mind. Gives me more opportunity to practice and explore. I’m going to use it as a business but for now, I’m still learning I’m not that perfect so for now I’m just doing it for my close friends, my relatives and myself. So it’s beautiful, you own your own yes machine. Especially when you are a fashion designer you own your own machine so. So it is one of the greatest joys of it. Yes. I really appreciate that’s really changed my life somehow. Yes. The interaction I made with people. The people I came across. Yes. I got to meet some other people to interact with some other people. And it also gave me the privilege to know how to interact to people, even though sometimes people might be difficult. but you know with this experience that made me even gives me more patience. You understand. Makes me to be more patient and no understanding and to tolerate people I come across. Yes, thank you. ..So when this opportunity came I was like. Ah, at least this will even give the me the idea of being a maybe a media person, or journalist or a media person so doing this made me feel this was what I always wanted to do, but I never had the opportunity. But it was very very great. It was fun for me. I had fun doing it. I was like feeling like a journalist, you know, I was like. Ah, this is what I wanted to do.

Female peer researcher Abuja:

Okay. It was a new experience all together. I would say it was eye-opening. It’s something I had not done before but I enjoyed doing. It was an avenue to meet people, different kinds of people. Some are pleasant. Some are kind of annoying some will just reject you out rightly. Some will diplomatically just reject you and all that. It was a new thing, and I think I’m open to new things always, so I enjoyed it all together. It was challenging because it’s to do with something I had never even thought of. Before the research but now the researchers opened our eyes. In fact, there is a business I started just by going around and seeing that. Ok ah. I can actually give people this and earn a living from it also. So I started a business along the line. Cosmetics and supplements. Basically Longrich business. I was doing it but I was not good in it because it is a networking business but because I was not really going out. Before I could not talk to somebody easily, but now I will see somebody I will want to talk my supervisor can attest you that anytime i see somebody I will want to talk about my Longrich business.

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