Nigeria, Abuja, 23 May- 11 June

Current cases (11.6.2021): 1504

Current deaths (11.6.2021): 2117

Government initiatives

28.5.2021. The federal government has released a list of 132 Nigerian travellers who have breached the health regulation 2021 and have not quarantined after travelling to high-risk countries.


11.6.2021. The bus-hailing business Plentywaka partners with the interstate bus company GUO transport to expand transport offerings.  The partnership will involve passengers to be able to book GUO tickets on Plentywaka’s app.

31.5.2021. The cost of an average bus fare has gone up by 72.6% year-on-year by April 2021 and the price is now on average N386.1. Motorbike fares were N148.22 in April 2020 and N276.3 in April 2021

25.5.2021. After the lockdown has been lifted in regard to economic activity, road transport has been declining. According to Isaac Anyaougu this is largely due to insecurities that are felt by people when travelling (e.g. fear of kidnappers). The national bureau of statistics released data for the first quarter of 2021 that shows a -23.75% decline in road transport GDP.

South Africa

Cape Town 23-11 June 2021

Current cases (11.6.2021): 1730106

Current deaths (11.6.2021): 57592

Government initiatives

3.6.2021. Western Cape MEC Daylin Mitchell will meet taxi leaders after several days of protests in Nyanga.  On Wednesday seven vehicles were torched during peak hours, and a Golden Arrow bus was stoned the previous week. He has threatened to close the ranks and routes affected by the protests if it does not end.

1.6.2021. The mayor of Cape Town has said that transport infrastructure and the maintenance of the road network will be a top priority for the 2021/22 financial year. They will roll out the phase two of the MiCity bus service to Mitchell’s plain

24.5.2021. Daylin Mitchell has been appointed as a new MEC for transport and public works in Cape Town

24.5.2021. The transport minister (Fikile Mbalula) has pointed out that the key challenges for PRASA (Passenger rail agency of South Africa include theft of rail infrastructure, leadership instability and lack of critical skills. He said that illicit vandalism of rail infrastructure (copper and steal) had increased during lockdown.


7.6.2021. Naspers Foundry invests R24 million in a Transport Startup – WhereIsMyTransport. The company WhereIsMyTransport specialises in digital maps of informal routes.


Tunisia, Tunis.

23.6 May-11 June:

Current deaths: 13.365

Current cases (11.6.21): 364819

Government initiatives

9.6.2021. The sacked president of the National Authority for the Fight against Corruption, Imed Boukhr has said that 20.000 doses of the AstraZenica vaccine have expired in Tunisia. This, however, is not uncommon, as other countries, such as Canada, have had the expiry date extended.

7.6.2021. Until the 27 June 2021 travelling between different regions of Tunisia is authorised, but compulsory confinement is expected in regions experiencing high levels of infections-

1.6.2021.  Since the 1 June 2021 travellers (except children) need to have a PCR test done 72 hours before boarding a plane. They must isolate 7 days after entering Tunisia. Travellers also need to sign a health form and a commitment form. Travellers who have had the virus 6 weeks prior to travelling (and have a certificate for this) as well as vaccinated travellers who can show a QR code are exempt from this.


29.5.2021. Transport prices are set to up and will be revealed soon.

28.5.2021. In an article in it is reported how there has been a big increase in cycling during the pandemic, both amongst men and women. They join a Facebook group and then join groups of various levels – some for leisure, and some for work. Some took advantage of the travel ban during Ramadan to cycle when the roads were empty.


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