Covid-19 Updates (Abuja, Cape Town and Tunis)

Abuja 20 August-10 September

Current cases 10.9.21: 198239

Current deaths 10.9.21: 2588

Government initiatives

7.9.21. Passengers who have been to India, Brazil and Turkey are not allowed to enter Nigeria, but this does not apply to Nigerian citizens or residents. Passengers must have taken a negative PCR test prior to departure (does not apply to passengers younger than 10). Passengers need to self-isolate for 7 days, and take a PCR test within 7 days of their arrival. Gatherings of 50 people outside of workplaces are not permitted. Places of workshop can hold services, subject to limitations. It is mandatory to wear facemasks in public places.

1.9.21. The Covid relief fund has paid N57 billion to more than 1 million people. Not all will be supported, as it is on a first come first serve basis. The payroll support scheme has benefitted 459, 334 people out of the initial  500, 000 target. There have been 293,336 beneficiaries of the artisan and transport scheme but the target was slightly higher (333,000)


30.8.21. Residents in the federal capital have said that they prefer rail to road transport when travelling to Kaduna. This is both due to security concerns and avoiding accidents on the way.

30.8.21. Truck and bus drivers have started using cellutant technology. Tingg Proximity Pay to prevent the spread of covid, using this technology to facilitate payments between drivers and passengers.

Tunis transport updates 20 August-10 September

Current cases 10.9.21: 681664

Current deaths 10.9.21: 24086


Government initiatives

3.9.21. Residents can travel for free on the 4 September to get to vaccine centre. A text message must be shown to officials with the purpose of the journey. Free transport will be from 8 am to 3 pm.

28.8.21. 70 buses have been mobilised to ensure the transport of people to vaccination centres in greater Tunis. These buses will transport those over the age of 40 for free and those between the ages of 15 and 17. Services from neighbourhoods to vaccine centres will be from 6.15-7 pm

20.8.21. Tunisia imposes a 10-day confinement period for unvaccinated travellers coming from abroad. A list of hotels adhering to compulsory confinement will be published later. Those who have been vaccinated will not be subject to the confinement period.

Cape Town 20 August-10 September

Current cases (10.9.21): 2546762

Current deaths (10.9.21): 84608

Government initiatives

8.9.21. The transport deputy minister Sindisiwe Chikunda says that Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on the transport sector, especially PRASA (Passenger rail agency of South Africa). This is also due to a prolonged period when rail services were not running, and the infrastructure was ruined by criminals, as well as illegal occupancy on the rails. Chikunda said that they are now at hard work replacing infrastructure.

1.9.21. The new Cape Town mayoral committee member responsible for transport, Roberto Quintas, says that they are working with PRASA (Passenger Rail agency of South Africa) to assist them in fixing the train service. Quintas is also keen for the Myciti N2 Express service to be running again. Moreover, Quintas also has a goal of fixing potholes in Cape Town’s roads


7.9.21.Data has been collected on the blue dot taxi service in Cape Town. The safety project has reported 5000 speeding incidents, and 12000 harsh driving incidents out of 700 taxis. Some of the incidents were related to dangerous stopping, and unsafe lane changes, but also the lack of mask use, smoking in taxis, driving under the influence or harassment, assault or theft.


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