Transport report 28.2-17.3.2021.

South Africa

Total  covid-19 cases 17.3.2021:1.532497

Total covid-19 deaths 17.3.2021: 51634

Government initiatives

15.3. 2021. The Western Cape Agriculture MEC suggests stricter regulations to be introduced around the transportation of workers on the back of open bakkies, e.g. regarding hygiene regulations as well as a maximum of  50% of the licensed capacity.

12.3. 2021. The city of Cape Town has collected fines amounting to R26.000 for non-adherence to covid-19 rules in the week before the 12th March 2021.

7.3.2021. Calls are being made into investigating the spending allocated to the Red dot taxi service which has provided services to key workers during the covid-19 pandemic. 37 million rand has been paid to the company which is more than half of the provincial transport total spend over three months

5.3.2021. A blue dot taxi violence pilot project aims to bring stability to the violence ridden taxi industry and is launched by premier Alan Winde with public works MEC Bonginkosi Madikizela. This is an incentive programme that will reward good driving behaviour and customer service, and aims to prevent conflict. About 1300 taxis will participate.

28.2.2021. The transport minister says that PRASA will approach the high court to remove those who build homes on railway tracks. This is delaying construction work on the rail way line from Langa to Khayelitsha.

1.3.2021. The transport minister has made changes to domestic air travel under level 1 which means that passengers on domestic flights will not be able to eat onboard. International flights will continue at OR Tambo international airport, King Shaka international airport and Cape Town international airport.


12.3.2021. Opinions are divided about the proposed new commercial airport in Cape Town in the former Fisantekraal Airfield. The secretary general of the political party ‘Good’ said that he was worried that there is increased focus on a new airport while the public transport system is not running  – e.g. non-working trains.

11.3.2021: The taxi organisation, CATA, warns the Masiphumelele community to stop using non taxi alliance transportation. The chair person for CATA has said that more e-hailers and private taxi shuttlers are operating without a license.

3.3.2021. The cost of food is predicted to go up by 10% due to the hike in oil prices. Workers have prioritised electricity, transport, and educational costs and have had to cut down on food expenses.



Total cases 17.3.2021. 233.439

Total deaths 17.3.2021. 8463

Government initiatives

17.3. 2021. Tunisia receives the Pfizer vaccine (93.600 doses)

12.3.2021. Travellers who are arriving in Tunisia must go into confinement for 48 hours after entering Tunisia. They need to present a negative PCR test upon boarding which is taken within the last 72 hours. They must also perform a PCR test 48 hours after arriving in Tunisia. If the result is negative, the person can leave confinement.

13.3.2021. The national intraurban transport company will start its international bus line from Tunisia to Tripoli from the 19 March 2021.

11.3.2021. Maritime, air and land transport will be on strike on the 8.4.2021 to reform transport companies and to protest against the privatisation of the sector.

10.3.2021. The central bank governor of Tunisia says that the gender divide has been worsened by the covid-19 pandemic. He quotes a study by the UNDP on the economic impact of covid-19 in Tunisia. Monetary poverty could drop to 19.77% for women and 18.72% for men as a result of the pandemic.

9.3.2021. Tunisia received 30.000 doses of the Russian Vaccine Spuknik V. The vaccination programme will be launched on the 12 March starting with health professionals as a key priority.

8.3.2021 Curfew hours are now from 10 pm 5 am. The ban on movement between governates is lifted, but is replaced by a closure of regions that are experiencing an increasing numbers of cases. Cafes and restaurants will close at 8 pm. Compulsory confinement in hotels in cancelled, but there will be a 48 hour confinement period in a place of the traveller’s choice. Administrative hours will be from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm from Monday to Thursday, and on Fridays 8 am to 1 pm, and 2.30 to 5.30 pm.

8.3.2021. The Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Tunisiens (SNCFT) announced that they will resume train services due to the alterations in curfew hours from 10 pm to 5am. The first train will leave Tunis station to Erriadh station at 5.30 am.

27.2.2021. The minister of transport in Tunisia said that there will soon be an increase in bus prices and metro prices.



Total cases 17.3.2021: 161274

Total deaths 17.3.2021: 2.027

Government initiatives:

10.3.2021. The national assembly has expressed that they are ready to amend the constitution to ensure gender parity and improve the fortune of women and girls in Nigeria.

2.3.2021. The vaccination programme is expected to take off from the 5 March, prioritizing health workers, and thereafter according to different age groups

7.3.2021. The federal government dismisses a report in a newspaper that it will cost 10.6 billion Naira to distribute the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine to 36 states.


17.3.2021. Analysts are urging the federal government to fund critical sectors that will boost job opportunities due to rising unemployment rates. The unemployment rate has risen to 33.3 per cent in Q4 2020 from 27.1. in Q2 of the same year.

16.3.2021. The inflation rate in Nigeria rises from 16.47% in January to 17.33% in February. This is the highest inflation rate in four years. The highest increases were in passenger transport by air, medical services, miscellaneous services related to dwelling, hospital services and passenger transport by road.

14.3.2021,  The convener of the ‘Stand up for Women’ NGO noted that women should be given more chances at policy level during the inauguration of the organisation in Abuja.

11.3.2021. The opposition party in Nigeria has criticized the authorities decision to spend over N10.6.billion on the transportation of the covid-19 vaccine. The PRP national chair person suggested instead to spend money on health centres across the country. He also urges to the government to state how much has been spent to fight the pandemic.

8.3.2021. A ride sharing service in Lagos called Shuttlers is seeking to expand to Abuja and Accra and seeks to raise 15 million dollars by the end of the second quarter to do this.

5.3.2021. There have been many petrol queues in Abuja due to the hike in petrol prices. There has been over a 100% hike in transport fares. Some people are buying fuel of the black market, as they have been waiting at fuel stations in Abuja for several hours to buy fuel.


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