Covid-19 city updates

Transport report 22 Dec 2020 to 6 January 2021

South Africa

Current cases 6.1.2021.  1127759

Current deaths 6.1.2021: 30,524

Cape Town

Government implementations

4.1.2021. The government has held talks with pharmaceuticals regarding obtaining covid-19 vaccines, but they have not signed a deal yet.

31.12.2020. The transport minister has said that airlines must amend schedules to allow for the night curfew for both international and domestic flights

The minister of home affairs announced that it will only be travellers with PCR tests that can enter the country. Those without PCR tests will be subject to rapid antigen tests. Truck drivers are exempt from the test requirements. Officials will be at all ports/land ports to ensure compliance.

30.12.2020. South Africans will be fined 1500 for not wearing a mask and the double for breaking curfew. Fines can also be accompanied by a jail sentence for six months, and those who are guilty of breaking lockdown laws could get criminal records

28.12.2020. The president addresses the nation in a speech about the move to level 3 regulations. Indoor and outdoor gatherings will not be allowed for 14 days, except for funerals, restaurants, museums, gyms and casinos. There cannot be more than 50 people at funerals. Businesses must determine the maximum number of staff permitted based on social distancing guidelines and cannot exceed that limit. The curfew will be from 9 pm to 6 am, and only permitted workers and medical and security personnel, are allowed outside. Non-essential shops, restaurants, cultural venues and bars have to close at 8 pm.  Every person is legally responsible for wearing a mask in a public space and could be arrested and prosecuted. The sale of alcohol from outlets and on-site consumption will be permitted. It is not allowed to consume alcohol at public beaches.  Beaches, parks etc will be closed in covid-hotspots. People are advised not to leave a hotspot areas, and those living outside are advised not to travel into hotspot areas if possible.


28.12. 2020. South Africa passes one million infections. A new covid variant known as 501V2 is believed to be the cause of this increase



Current cases (6.1.2021):92,705

Current deaths (6.1.2021); 1319

Government initiatives

6.1.2021. The World Health organisation has authorised the Pfizer vaccine for covid-19 immunization in Nigeria. It will be available for emergency use. The FCT have had talks with China to access covid-19 vaccines in the country. Nigeria hopes to get 42 million vaccines through the Covax scheme. The federal government expects that they will receive the first batch of the vaccine by the end of January.  The federal government has signed an agreement with the National Primary Healthcare Development agency and the Global Vaccine Alliance Initiative (Gavi) to access the vaccines.

6.1.2021. The Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Mohammed Babandede, said that they will revoke visas for foreign travellers if they do not display a covid-19 certificate when arriving in the country

4.1.2021. The federal government has announced that there will be travel restrictions for 100 international travellers, who had allegedly flouted the 7-day mandatory PCR Test upon arriving. The travellers will be prevented from travelling out of the country. The Nigerian Immigration service has not been informed.

22.12.2020. Civil servants from Grade Level 12 and below must stay at home for 5 weeks; bars, nightclubs, pubs, recreational venues and event centers will be closed in all states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Restaurants must be closed except those providing takeaway, home deliveries, drive-ins and services to hotel residents. Formal and informal events such as weddings and conferences have been restricted to no more than 50 people.  Events with more than 50 people should be held outdoors. Public transportation systems can carry 50% of their usual capacity. The task force is having discussions with the aviation and health authorities regarding restrictions of international travels due to the new strain.


6.1. 2021. The team leader of the presidential committee on clearing of Apapa port and Access Roads, Kayode Opeifa, announced that the N10bn Covid-19 intervention fund for road transport workers and operators in Nigeria was very insufficient

4.1.2021. A newspaper reporter from the Guardian in Kaduna state has designed an app, Trainwise, that enables travellers to book their travel from Kaduna to Abuja and Lagos to Ibadan through an app on their mobile phones

1.1.2021. An article in talks about the growth of the e-hailing service PlentyWaka during the pandemic. One of the reasons for this growth is due to the company transporting essential workers and essential goods and services.

20.12.2020. The number of passengers who test positive after their 7th day are increasing which may have contributed to a recent spike in cases. Some are not abiding to test requirements due to weak enforcement systems.


WHO Endorses Pfizer Vaccine for COVID-19 Immunisation in Nigeria–Orders-Workers-to-Stay-at-Home–Restricts-Gatherings/54877

FG Expects to Take Delivery of COVID-19 Vaccines January Ending


Current cases (6.1.2021): 147, 061

Current deaths (6.1.2021): 4934

5.1.2021. All Algerians going to Tunisia must present relevant documentation and a negative PCR test

23.12.2020. Tunisia extends the curfew until the 15 January to control the spread of coronavirus. This will be from 8 pm to 5 am.  The movement between governates is still now allowed. Gatherings are not allowed and cafes have to close at 7 pm. There is a ban on new year celebrations. Wearing a mask in all public places in addition to hand washing/sanitizing

21.12. 20. Tunisia suspends all flights from South Africa, United Kingdom and Australia following the new strain of the virus


1.1.2021. According to Samir Dridi, the virus in Tunisia risks being trivialised, as more people are ignoring social distancing measures/mask use, even though the cases are rising.

23.12.2020. The Tunisian Association of Road Safety Ambassadors joins the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety and launches a global awareness campaign called ‘compulsory confinement for young people. The campaign focuses on road safety, since many people die every day from preventable road accidents, and is conceptualised by young people themselves, who want to save lives and focus on road safety after covid. They use posters to put attention on road safety saying “I am iockdown until the roads are safe”.

19.12.2020. At the Tunisian national childhood organisation , the minister of transport and logistics emphasised the need to raise awareness campaigns about preventive covid-19 measures. The Tunisian National Railway Company (SNCFT) and the Tunis Transport Company (TRANSTU) will raise awareness campaigns regarding respecting health protocol.


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